Хибриден трифазен инвертор GROWATT WIT 50KTL3-A-LV

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Title: Empowering Commercial Ventures: Unveiling the Growatt WIT 50KTL3-A-LV Inverter with APX Energy Storage


In the dynamic realm of solar energy solutions, the Growatt WIT 50KTL3-A-LV inverter stands out as a beacon of affordability, quality, and adaptability. Especially favored in commercial installations, this inverter has garnered global certification and acclaim for its robust performance. Paired with the versatile APX energy storage system ranging from 71 to 200 kWh, the Growatt WIT 50KTL3-A-LV offers a comprehensive solution for maximizing self-consumption and securing a potential backup function. Let’s delve into the features and advantages that make this inverter a standout choice for businesses aiming to optimize their energy consumption.

Key Features:

1. **Affordability and Quality:**
The Growatt WIT 50KTL3-A-LV boasts an attractive combination of affordability and high-quality performance. This makes it a compelling choice for businesses seeking cost-effective yet reliable solar solutions for their commercial ventures.

2. **Global Certification and Commercial Viability:**
The inverter’s certification for the global market underscores its reliability and compliance with international standards. Its popularity in commercial installations attests to its robustness and efficiency in meeting the energy demands of businesses.

3. **APX Energy Storage Compatibility:**
Offering a range of APX energy storage options from 71 to 200 kWh, the WIT 50KTL3-A-LV inverter provides businesses with the flexibility to tailor their energy storage capacity according to their specific needs. This enables efficient energy management and potential backup functions during grid outages.

4. **Reduced Reliance on the Grid:**
By storing excess energy in batteries instead of sending it back to the grid, businesses can significantly reduce their reliance on external power sources. This not only maximizes self-consumption but also enhances independence from fluctuating power prices.

Commercial-Grade Design and Functionality:

1. **Three-Phase Energy Storage Inverter:**
Designed specifically for commercial applications, the Growatt WIT 50KTL3-A-LV comes in various capacities, ranging from 50kW to 100kW. This makes it a scalable solution that can be extended up to 300kW, catering to the diverse energy needs of businesses.

2. **Advanced Features for Ease of Use:**
The inverter is equipped with advanced features that simplify installation and operation. Its user-friendly interface enables homeowners and installers to monitor system performance and adjust settings effortlessly. Compatibility with monitoring systems such as WiFi, Ethernet, and RS485 enhances the convenience of system management.

3. **Robust Performance and Reliability:**
With a 110% continuous AC overloading capacity and support for UPS function and black start, the WIT 50KTL3-A-LV ensures reliability in critical scenarios. It can handle 100% unbalanced load during backup, providing businesses with a dependable energy solution.

Technical Specifications:

– Max. Recommended PV Power: 109,200 W
– Max. DC Voltage: 1,100 V
– Nominal Voltage: 550 V
– AC Nominal Power: 50,000 W
– Max. Charge/Discharge Power: 56,700 W
– Max. Output Current: 90.9 A
– Dimensions (W/H/D): 820/1350/510 mm
– Weight: 140 kg
– Max. Efficiency: 98.2%
– Protection Degree: IP66
– Interfaces: RS485/CAN/USB
– Cooling: Smart Air Cooling
– Topology: Transformerless


The Growatt WIT 50KTL3-A-LV inverter, coupled with APX energy storage, is a formidable solution for businesses aiming to optimize their energy consumption, reduce grid dependence, and ensure reliable power supply. With its commercial-grade design, advanced features, and global certification, this inverter exemplifies the future of sustainable and efficient energy management for commercial ventures.

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